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Adoption Providers

As an Adption Provider, your needs for post adoption communication solutions are quite different from the needs of the families you've placed. 

Everyone at HeartsConnect has worked within this world for years. We've designed this software as adoption providers with adoption providers in mind. 

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Benefits of contracting with HeartsConnect

Our partner adoption providers agree to create a HeartsConnect account for the new family with each new placement.

The price of these family accounts is $500 per placement. That is a lifetime, one-time fee per family. 

This relationships betwen HeartsConnect & our partern providers has many benefits.

Post Adoption Services

Reduce your staffing needs for post-adoption services. HeartsConnect will handle all of the communications for you.

Private Area for Adoption Providers

Adoption providers get a secure login to create new family accounts, request edits to family accounts, and more.

Our Technology Platform

HeartsConnect has created the tech so you don't have to. We're constantly updating and improving our platform. 

Customer Service

HeartsConnect will provide customer service to your placed families when they have questions about how to use the platform.

Your Choice of Involvement

Adoption providers can choose their level of involvement. One option is to set up family accounts & let our account managers take if from there. The other option is to request that a memeber of your staff is also added to family account so you can maintain involvement in the ongoing relationship.

Optional Additions

Post-Adoption Communication Plans

As a free service for all of our adoption providers, HeartsConnect will upload your clients' post-adoption communication plan so they can manage it from within our platform. We'll provide your staff with a template & training for this service.

However, if you would rather not use staff time to do this, providers can simply send HeartsConnect the details of the family's plan and we'll build it into their accounts for an additional $55 per family.

Complete Post-Adotion Support

We have partnered with other post-adoption service providers to allow us to offer comprehensive post-adoption support for all of your placements. If you contract with us & our partners at the same time, you'll see substantial savings over working with us individually. Once you have registered as a partner provider, you'll have the opportunity to request information about how you can offer your clients a complete spectrum of post-adoption services.

Available Soon

White Label Your Own

As a white label adoption provider, you'll be able to offer your clients your own branded post-adoption communcation solution. White labeling will allow you to:

  • Use your url, logos & branding on your HeartsConnect service.
  • Get support and software training for your post-adoption staff.
  • Create & manage post-adoption communication plans internally.
Contact us to learn more about white labeling

Foster Care Solutions

Communication plays a vital role in creating strong, safe, and effective foster care. 

  • We are working on a solution that uses our open, private communication platform to meet the unique needs and myriad challenges foster care communication presents.
  • We're actively pursuing input & investment from foster care professionals and stakeholders. 
Contact us for more information

HeartsConnect brings it all together

Share Videos, Photos, and have Conversations, anytime or when prompted by your own Post-Adoption Communication (PAC) plan.

Save everything to share with others.

Photos & File Sharing

The Docs & Media section is super powerful

Naturally, you can share photos here. But you can also share videos and files of all types, making this file sharing tool incredibly useful.

Once a photo or file is shared, everyone in the family group can comment on it. You can even customize the permissions allowing your family members to simply view some files while giving them permission to download others. 

Organized Conversations

Posts allow you to have private, threaded conversations in a familiar format.

You know this dance. Create a post and your family members will get notified via email. When they reply to your post, you'll be notified via email. And the beat goes on. Everything stays private and secure within HeartsConnect.

Planned Updates

Post-Adoption Communication made easy

Have you agreed to make certain updates at specific dates or milestones? The HeartsConnect Post-Adoption Communication (PAC) tool will make it super easy to keep those commitments.

You can manually enter updates or we can upload the entire PAC plan from your agency. You'll get email reminders letting you know and update is coming due. And as you complete an update, you'll you can mark it as complete in your PAC plan.

Read more about PAC planning here
Appropriate Privacy

Every post-adoption relationship is unique. We've worked hard to ensure that our privacy settings will fit your needs.

Searchable History

Looking for that one photo from last Christmas? Want to find the post about the snowman? Simple. Just search for it.

Email Notfications

You'll never have to worry about missing an update or a new photo with customizable email notifications. 

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