What do you do when the adoptive family agreed to do something and they are not doing what they agreed to?

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  • You can ask HeartConnect to reach out to them.  We will try through any contacts they have given us. Each time you post something, an email goes to them inviting them to reach out.
  • Be patient.  Hope they respond but never post anything that shows irritation or impatience that they aren’t responding.  Encourage and invite.
  • If and when they do respond, be kind.  Indicate you are pleased they want to be connected with you.
  • Adoptive families sometimes need to temporarily move away from the emotionally challenging process of adoption.  Sometimes we give them a minute to focus on bonding with the child and they will be ready to communicate again.
  • Some adoptive families want a closed adoption.  They really don’t want any contact. However, this happens less and less frequently.  We believe there is a value to maintaining at least some connection and encourage that where we can.  
  • Circumstances beyond their control may keep adoptive families from staying in contact.   Even if it was not what they planned.